• Faye Strauch

The Early Morning Homebirth of Precious Joshua

I immediately liked Stephanie when I first met her and her two adorable children and I felt like we just clicked. It was very early in her pregnancy but she knew she wanted a doula and this time she wanted birth photography and placenta encapsulation. They had moved to the valley not long before and she nor her husband had any family living in this state so it was even more imperative that she have the support of a doula.

Her pregnancy was unremarkable all the way through. She was eating healthy and had the help of her midwife to guide her in taking vitamins and additional nutrients.

On the morning when she was 40 weeks plus 5 days I got a text from Stephanie at 2:15am saying she had been having contractions for the last hour and also had some bloody show. Her contractions were about 6 minutes apart and lasting about a minute each. We discussed her trying to sleep a little but it soon became evident that baby boy was planning on coming earthside that day. I told her to let her midwife know and I would get ready to head to her house.

I arrived around 4am and found Stephanie in her bedroom with her midwife Ronda. She was doing an amazing job of breathing through each contraction as it came and then resting in between. Her husband David was working feverishly to fill the birth pool while the two older children were still tucked warmly in their beds sleeping and not knowing that they would most likely wake up to a new baby in the house.

Stephanie's labor progressed beautifully and it wasn't long before the pool was ready for her and she couldn't wait to get in. It really is amazing how soothing and relaxing water is when you are in labor. She was able to rest and let her body work, and before long Stephanie was showing signs that she needed to push. Most of the time, my clients want to stay in the water to birth their babies but sometimes it just doesn't feel right to them and they want to birth on dry land. Stephanie wanted to make her way to the bed and it was there that Joshua Ray was born just as the sun was beginning to rise.

Welcome to the world baby Joshua! Your sister and brother are so in love with you already.

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