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The Birth I almost missed at Banner Gateway Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona!

You know how everyone says birth is unpredictable? Well that was the name of the game with this birth! This amazing couple hired me to document the birth of their second baby boy with a due date in October. Their first baby had come 4 weeks early (weighing in at a big 7lbs. 14ozs.), however, so they expected this wee one to make his appearance in September. Their birth experience the first time around was very long and not a good experience so they were hoping to have a completely different birth this time.

I kept in contact with Emilee through the month of September with no signs of labor. The beginning of October rolled around and still no signs that baby wanted to make his entrance. She made it to 39 weeks and 4 days when her water started leaking, and she was informed by her OB to head to the hospital.

Emilee had texted me early that morning to fill me in so I had all my bags packed and ready to head that way when she got into active labor, but she expected to be in labor for a very long time similar to her first birth. This hospital was an hour away from me with NO traffic so I was praying I would have lots of time to get there. I just hung around my house that day waiting on updates which she was so good at communicating. She let me know at one point that they were going to start Pitocin because her contractions had spaced out, and she had requested an epidural. By 3:30 in the afternoon she was 4cm dilated but being that she was so far away, I asked if I should head on over. And I heard of course, I was wondering if she was sleeping or was she having the baby! The next text I got was at 4:15pm and she was dilated to an 8!!! Holy cow was I going to make it in time? At this time of the day, there would be SO much traffic!

As I was driving and getting closer and closer Emilee kept updating me. I arrived at the hospital, parked and literally ran in with just my camera around my neck at exactly 5:55pm. When I walked into the room I was greeted with a big ole smile from Emilee and a very upbeat Kings of Leon song which she was using to psych herself up for pushing. The nurse was having her do some preliminary pushing to see just how quickly baby would move down. Well let's just say that Emilee was a pro at pushing even with an over 9 lb. baby. They knew the doctor was in the hospital but they were locating him and hoping he would arrive before baby arrived ha! He did make it in time and Pixsun Roday was born at 6:15pm weighing in at 9lbs. 2ozs. and exactly 20 minutes after I arrived.

After all of the whirlwind of birth events was over, I noticed that Emilee and Chip had brought a large box full of snacks and waters for the medical staff at the hospital. That was proof of just the type of people they are and how thoughtful they are of others. I absolutely love this sweet family for all their uniqueness and creativity in every aspect of their birth!

At the end of the day, both mom and dad were extremely happy with their birth experience this time around, and even though they thought they'd be meeting him in September, he was so worth those extra weeks of waiting. Welcome Pixsun Roday!

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